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p1010237.jpg My friend/fellow crew member over at hardcore Vamps Prods., works at Lush (her day job)  and today they had a party. Here’s her dressed in theme, and me covered in a very sticky mudmask.  I posted more photos over on both our company blog (the goofy blog of nothing)    and on my own personal flickr account  (same pics so you only have to go to one) -Coffeevamps


Coffee and Cigarettes

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Copywrite hcvp’07

Model  : Setla

Okay, Now what?

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So I got rid of  hcvp’s photo blog   which I had just re-named Ginger C. Madrid.  Because, well I hadn’t done anything with it in forever and it was kind of  irrelevant.  I had moved everything here so I didn’t really have a need for that blog anymore.  On another note,  I have reissued Alucard’s Rose.  My blog I have for movie and book reviews. I will try to keep up with some news but my life has gotten so hectic as of late, I can’t commit to anything more then I will try.   Slowly, very slowly trying to get organized with my websites, my groups, and my off-net life.  One day a week for the net is just not enough at the moment.  

Mix well and serve chilled

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What I am doing is just changing the rules on everyone.  This was once a news blog, now it will be just a blog.  I have combined two so far, and working on bringing over some of the posts from a few of the other blogs the company and myself personally have. It will take time so bear with me.

9pm on a Saturday

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I just spent the last half hour printing out the remainder of what was on my other website so I could get rid of it. I will be changing the title of this one now and still have to update all my links that linked to the old one….I do seem to create alot more work for myself then needed at times don’t I?

Name Change

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I decided to change the name of the blog, because the team over at hardcore Vamps Prods., now have a blog for the whole team, and moved all my previous posts to it. Not too mention, you can find them all on the Flickr accounts for  the company and myself.  I will be adding more then just photos now, I will be adding whatever I find of need.


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I had a really good photo taken last summer in the local graveyard I was using for my header. But when I changed themes I lost it and for whatever reason it just won’t upload again.