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LaLaLa-and a slava java for takeaway

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I am slowly trying to integrate all my blogs into one. All my personal blogs into one, the company blogs are something I don’t even want to look at right now. Too much time infront of computer make…brain…pudding. Okay with that said, I have a new blog with an old title. Andrew and the Aluminumsidings

is listed in the blogroll with the words (new ver) next to it. Yes, I still have the old one, but for the moment I am only adding photos to it. The new one is the main blog.



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Gerry 2007

My buddy Gerry arrived from Europe  surprising  me the other week.  He wasn’t suppose to be here till the end of the month, but  hey  anytime  I get to hang with friends is a good thing. We took a  hike up to  the  “old K-mart”   for  espressos.  So here we are sitting, sweating alittle  and having  our  coffees…..mmmmmmm!p1010242.jpg

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p1010237.jpg My friend/fellow crew member over at hardcore Vamps Prods., works at Lush (her day job)  and today they had a party. Here’s her dressed in theme, and me covered in a very sticky mudmask.  I posted more photos over on both our company blog (the goofy blog of nothing)    and on my own personal flickr account  (same pics so you only have to go to one) -Coffeevamps