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Coffee and Cigarettes

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Okay, Now what?

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So I got rid of  hcvp’s photo blog   which I had just re-named Ginger C. Madrid.  Because, well I hadn’t done anything with it in forever and it was kind of  irrelevant.  I had moved everything here so I didn’t really have a need for that blog anymore.  On another note,  I have reissued Alucard’s Rose.  My blog I have for movie and book reviews. I will try to keep up with some news but my life has gotten so hectic as of late, I can’t commit to anything more then I will try.   Slowly, very slowly trying to get organized with my websites, my groups, and my off-net life.  One day a week for the net is just not enough at the moment.  

Mix well and serve chilled

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What I am doing is just changing the rules on everyone.  This was once a news blog, now it will be just a blog.  I have combined two so far, and working on bringing over some of the posts from a few of the other blogs the company and myself personally have. It will take time so bear with me.

One Shot

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I am very excited!  I finally got the first video up on the company website!

hardcore Vamps Prods., 
Go to the TV page check it out and let me know what you think.