Scumbunny Mina

Scum:a film of dirt or decay that forms on the surface of liquid, refuse or waste, low worthless people
Clot:a thicking mass
(Random House Dictionary)

Scumclot:A group of beatnik-yuppies who sat around coffee houses untill forced to leave by the owner in the 1990’s. (Jimmy coffeehouse owner in Thunder Bay)


And that is basicly how the story of hardcore Vamps Prods., (productions) began. Picture it, 1992 fall and 4 Westgate highschool students began clinging together in a small group. To pass the time they read books by Hunter S. Thompson, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Polidori, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac while listening to the Doors, Megadeth, Sex Pistols, and Ramones. The movie of the moment was Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and it flavoured their speech and the way they dressed as each of the 4 took character names. The novel was never far from the edge of the coffeestained table, almost always covered with cigarette burns. The soundtrack playing ever so boldly from the fearless leader slipping it either into the coffeehouse soundsystem or from his portable stereo that never left his side. And as the small group graduated and entered university they pulled others into their nightly scumming. Student films were produced by them- starring them- as one member went on to have his play produced at the local theatre. The 4 stayed strong for 3 years untill all was lost to college graduation, where they disolved into the mist. They’re calling card-a used coffeecup with a spoon stuck to the bottom with gum.
On this page you will over time come to find a few of the adventures that they the scummers got into as I dig through my diaries and remember.
Scumbunny Mina Harker

Nov 13 1992
The opening night of Dracula. We were late for the show and didn’t think we would get in. These two guys were already in line, front of the line and spotted us grabbing us. It was the dude I had met the day before at the writer’s group and some friend of his. They were both in suites, my friend and I were dressed in little black dresses ourselves so it just looked right. The dude was there with 3 girls, representing Dracula’s 3 Brides. He had such a sense of flare. We sat behind them all night, He and I speaking the lines outloud instereo much to the disapointment of the people around us. A bond was formed. He had dressed the part, the only thing missing was the top hat. He even had the dragon headed walking cane and pin.

Scumbunny Mina Harker

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