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Now What?

Posted in Uncategorized on December 18, 2006 by gmadrid

I am feeling less then good lately. It’s a mix of the weather, my family, my goals, the man who’s sort of in my life, and money. It’s just dragging down on me and I just don’t know what anymore to do. I started this blog when I was invigerated by things, loving my¬† surroundings, and the turn my life had taken, now not so much. I have downsized many of the websites I had been working on to a more managable few but I am still finding it too much to work on. I lost my desire for acting after over a decade of trying to be something in that field I no longer get fulfillment from it. The question now I think is “how far back of a step do I need to take from my life?”


Top Porn Actress Files for Separation

Posted in Undercurrents on December 11, 2006 by gmadrid

Jenna Jameson has filed legal separation from her husband and costar Jay Grdina. Though they have no children together, the couple have been running the production company Jenna Jameson had founded until they signed it over to Playboy Enterprises Inc this past year. Jameson is now dating Tito Ortiz, the Ultimate Fighter/Mixed Martial-Arts Champion.



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Spoonfull, originally uploaded by coffeevamps.

My meds now are a meal in themself. This is what happens when you end up in a car accident, your overpowered by pills.

Channel 4: MySpace got Worms

Posted in Dreadlines on December 10, 2006 by gmadrid

Thousands of Myspace users (myself included) can’t log into their profiles. Myspace was hit this past week with a worm that has somehow eaten links and replaced user information with other links. The creators have had no choice but to shut down Myspace login untill further notice. No report on just how much damnage was (is still) done to people’s profiles and pages.

Channel 4: Tax Cutters

Posted in Dreadlines on December 8, 2006 by gmadrid

The star of the Blade series of movies Welsey Snipes was arrested after surrending to police  for tax fraud. The actor was released this morning on $1million bond. He was charged for not filing between 1999-2004. It is said that this will not hold up the shooting schedual of his latest film, a western that is in production in Africa.

Channel 4: Star Light Star Gone

Posted in Undercurrents on December 6, 2006 by gmadrid

It was reported yesterday by NASA that they have discovered a black hole eating up stars. They have been following one area of the sky since 2003, and have over the last couple of years witnessed the ultraviolet rays being devouired into the black hole. They also believe there is a black hole in the core of evey galaxy.